Training the Setter DVD

In this volleyball training DVD, Dennis Jackson will teach you the fundamental mechanics of setting.

Coach Jackson spends a significant time working on developing the correct hand/body positioning for setting along with a high level of focus on the movement patterns essential to running down difficult passes.

Coach Jackson demonstrates the variety of progressions to fine tune setter mechanics and teaches how to progress setters from novice to advance skill levels by highlighting:

*Open and Athletic Posture

*Quick Hands and Feet

*Establishing Rhythm

*High Contact Point

*Setting Proficiency, Consistency, and Accuracy

*Improving Setter Range

Whether you're a setting coach or not, whether you work with novice setters or experienced setters, this DVD can help.

The more athletic and skilled your setter becomes, the stronger your team becomes. So don't pass up this great opportunity to take your team to a higher level!


Key Concepts Include...

* Facing the Passer

* Athletic Stance

* Ready to Move

* Squaring Up to Left Front

* Always Moving Forward (Avoiding Backpedaling)


Key concepts for the mechanics include...

* Unloaded vs Loaded Technique

* Straight Arms vs Bent Elbows

* All Fingers vs Not All Fingers

* Midline vs Not Midline

* Quick Release vs Prolonged Contact

* Setting Motion for Setting the Ball Outside

* Setting Motion for Backsetting

* Neutral Positioning (Contact Point for Setting Both Outside and Back)


The key concepts to setter footwork includes...

* Athletic starting position (facing the ball, ready to move in any direction)

* Basic footwork - left-right finish (always step left to right when possible)

* Rhythm Setting

* Footwork patterns for traveling greater distances

* Footwork and body position for low passes

* Left foot leading series

* Right foot leading series

* Footwork patterns for coming off the net to set

* Advanced footwork - jump setting, left foot plant, right foot spin, etc.


Key drills include...

* Pendulum Drills

* Straddle the Line Drills

* Target Setting Drills

* Left Foot Plant Move

* Right Foot Spin Move

* Jump Setting

* Training Deceptive Moves

* Releasing to the Net

* Challenging Court Range

* Self-toss Drills

* Wall Setting Drills

* Emergency Setting Drills


Keys to Setting Progressions include...

* Challenging the setter's footwork

* Increasing range along the net

* Increasing range off the net

* Movement progressions for chasing down difficult passes

* Left-right movement progressions

* Left foot plant progressions

* Right foot spin progressions

* Jump setting progressions